EARO speakers are based around optimization. The built-in proprietary amplifier and driver are optimized for each other; the cabinet is built around the concept of impedance conversion to ambient air, optimizing how the electrical energy from the source material is transferred to sound, and to music.

The results are speakers with unsurpassed impulse response, phase linearity and negligible distortion - even when playing at live concert-sound pressure levels.

EARO speakers make the music come alive like nothing else. You will hear details and nuances you never heard from your music before. You will be invited into the music and your experience will be that of coherency, completeness, details and balance. 

State of the art design and manufacturing methods are employed, right from computer-based simulation using the modified Thiele & Small driver parameters, to 3D CAD and 5-axis CNC milling. The cabinetry features absorbent cavities filled with silica in order to remove any trace of coloration due to structural vibration.

But don’t take our word for it. Here are just two of the many enthusiastic comments we received:

“It sounds just like they are in the room playing, the attach of the sax is exactly how it sounds for real, ear-splitting loud, and not compressed at all.”

Emmet Chapman, Musician and Inventor of The Stick

“So clear and unbelievable realistic, I have never heard anything like this. Ever.” 

Eldrid O’Driscoll, Opera Singer

Here is just a few of the comments about the EARO sound at T.H.E. Show:

  1. Bullet“Sound that makes me smile”

  2. Bullet“Cohesive, sweet, accurate”

  3. Bullet“Never heard xylophone sound as real as from the EAEO speakers”

  4. Bullet“It’s like being transported into the concert hall”

Contact us at info@earo-us.com or telephone 818 887 4970 to obtain more information or to set up a time for demonstration.

Earo is represented in the US by EARO USA, a DBA of Atenga Inc. Contact info@earo-us.com  818 887 4970.

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